Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Went to Swirl on Queen East with some work friends.

Great place. Especially great because it has some interesting art, sewing tables spray painted and repurposed and wish drawers... People put their wishes into the drawer. No I didn't read them, totally wanted to though.

I tried a few different wines and some cheeses:
Carlos Basso - Dos Fincas Malbec 2008
Mendoza, Argentina
Nose: Acidic with hints of cassis.
Mouth: Easy drinking but I like a little more fruitl. Paired very well with the Hermit Blue... It really brought out the sweetness in the cheese.
Montepulciano D'Abruzzo Doc Crea Vini
Abruzzo, Italy
Nose: Floral with strong oak.
Mouth: Not good, Acidic alcohol and not much else

Cave Springs Cellars - Gewurztraminer 2007
Nose: Honey, crisp apple and spice.
Mouth: Buttery, crisp, not overly sweet with subtle honey.

Tenuta Santome Anna 2007
Treviso, Italy
Nose: Fragrant, buttery, floral
Mouth: Not a big fan. Buttery yet sharp and spicy... just not well balanced.

Hermit Blue - Nutty Blue, pretty good... went very well with the cheese and the delicious poached pear.
Le Sauvigne - a brie style cheese with a bitter rind. I prefer a creamier brie without the bitter, but it is nice to change it up.
Niagara Gold - Cheddar/Swiss style cheese with a strong flavour. A great pair to wine!
Marinated Goats Cheese - Amazing! olive oil roasted garlic and goats cheese. How can you go wrong?!

I really like this place and will definitely go again. The wine list was pretty large so I'd like to see what else they have.

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